Final Show 7"

Image of Final Show 7"


200 copies of the record are being pressed. We won't be selling any more, these copies are for everyone who was involved at the time it was happening.


Summer Camp's last show - May 14th 2011

***Everyone paying the $10 door fee at the show will recieve a record! Only purchase this if you DO NOT plan on making it to the show!***

One live track from each band playing, recorded live.

Brighter Arrows -
Raw Nerve -
Grown Ups -
Cloud Mouth -


7" - Black vinyl, photocopied sleeve, insert booklet, and flyer handbill.

7" + Poster - See above + a 12"x18" one color print of the final show poster printed on 80lb. French paper.

Poster - No one will order just a poster.

Sold Out